Customer Experience Research

Businesses are losing as much as 66% of their profits because customers are not being engaged effectively!

Today’s marketplace has a variety of choices, you need your customer engagement to set you apart. The customer relationships you build are the difference between success and failure. REACT is your partner to prevent poor service experience. We create customer experience research programmes tailored to your specific business requirements.

Let’s work together, your partner to rely on, to adapt continually the drivers and detractors that affect your business’s performance. Our market research solutions, will assist you and your teams to make the right decisions.

We offer the following services as part of our customer research portfolio


Customer Satisfaction
Index Research

Customer Loyalty

Video Mystery

Mystery/ Ghost Calling

Customer Loyalty Survey

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Online Satisfaction Surveys


The Three Core Pillars For Service

Mystery Shopping

  • Do your employees engage effectively with your customers to upsell your brand?
  • Do your customers find them engaging and product-savvy?
  • Are you really aware of what happens in those face-to-face exchanges?
  • Are your employees adhering to the brand’s operational codes of practice?

REACT is a leading provider of Mystery Shopping services in Southern Africa and Sub-Saharan continent, with a large urban and rural service footprint. Our trained evaluators are a demographic match to your real customers, providing detailed reports on their exchanges with your employees, and their experience of your products and service standards.

Another equally important component in mystery shopping is the measurement of Operational Compliance which is not easily measured with a traditional survey.  Operational Compliance will afford you another in-depth aspect  of your brand’s service engagement

*(Additional services include: Mystery Calling and Video Mystery Shopping. These complement the standard mystery shopping programme).

Customer Satisfaction Index Research

Are you satisfied with how well your company is meeting the demands of its customers?

REACT’s Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is customised to mirror your customer service policies, giving an indication of how successful you are in the eyes of your customer. Let us engage with your customers and find out how your brand really stacks up.

Customer Loyalty Research

We use a range of approved measures, like the Net Promoter Score and Customer Engagement Matrix, to establish your customers’ level of loyalty to your brand.

Repeat sales and growth lays the foundation for overall success.

REACT’s engagement model reveals whether you are keeping your customers or losing them to the competition.

Customers are your best brand ambassadors. Strengthen and leverage their loyalty for increased referrals and improved brand reputation.

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