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Does your brand have equity? Is it instantly recognisable? Your brand should be talking to your customers…

Your brand identity is more than your logo.  It is the sum of your products and services, messaging, advertising and promotions.  All these factors work together to strengthen your performance in the marketplace.

Why Brand Engagement Is So Important

Although they are often used interchangeably, brand awareness and brand engagement are not the same. Brand awareness refers to familiarity with a certain brand. Engagement, on the other hand, refers to an emotional or rational attachment customers have to your brand.

That’s why brand engagement should for a crucial component of any marketing strategy. When your brand engages with your customers, their loyalty increases, and so does your word-of-mouth marketing.  This type of brand engagement signifies an emotional commitment to your brand. This leads to employees being more engaged with your business and becoming more loyal themselves. 

By surveying your customer base, the market, and your employees, we are able to identify the level of brand engagement that exists in your organization today. We also have the insights to identify key action items that will increase your brand engagement across these key populations. Our customer engagement strategy will increase your customer satisfaction by having more positive interactions with them. Highly engaged customers buy more & promote more. 

Brand Performance

Strong brand performance comes from a consistent look and feel, complemented by clear brand messaging – underpinned by unmatched customer service.

This internal consistency builds trust from your customers and contributes to overall brand performance.

Our brand integrity audits will assist you in identifying areas of weakness and opportunities that help you improve how effectively your customers engage with your brand. REACT’s in-house brand strategist can take you further along this journey with the development of a brand engagement strategy.

Brand Compliance Auditing

REACT’s brand compliance audits assess the adherence to your brand and standard operating procedures throughout the business. Our process will also help you understand and correct the impact of non-compliance on customer and brand engagement.

Our team of qualified auditors will:
  • Validate that all locations adhere to the organization’s identity, and all marketing materials including signage, logos, furnishing and merchandising are in accordance to the guidelines and specifications.
  • Our experienced management team has the expertise to create a structured program to deal constructively with areas of poor performance

As an additional service, our comprehensive retail compliance audits are specifically designed to assist franchisors to manage brand compliance across their network.

Activation Compliance Auditing

Are your brand activations hitting the mark? Activations are a great opportunity to engage the customer and build your brand’s presence in the market.
But because activations are often left to third-party implementers, it can be difficult to gauge how well they are being executed across all sites or stores.

REACT’s qualified activation compliance auditors will help you measure the consistency, visibility, reach and success of your brand activation across your network. REACT can also arrange on-site activation training on how to engage the customer and promote your brand.

The REACT Promise

REACT employs industry best practices that respect and protect all parties involved.

Our systems are able to correlate employee engagement and loyalty with customer service results for a complete holistic view.

We can use the insights gained to develop an effective employee engagement programme and prioritise areas of development opportunity.

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