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From global enterprises to local home-grown businesses, React has guided hundreds of companies throughout sub-Saharan Africa to boost their bottom line.

With our proven market research and strategies, your company can reach its full potential. 

As the leading market research provider of Stakeholder Engagement Measurement in South Africa, REACT Customer Research is here to support your brand.

We offer in-depth analysis & understanding of the attitudes and behaviours of your two biggest assets…

  • 1 your customers
  • 2 your employees.

With our multi-pronged yet cost-effective approach to market research, we deliver rich, relevant insights that will help you understand what’s really going on in your business. 

Why not partner up and allow us to give you the right tools that will increase customer and employee engagement?

If it’s overall brand performance you want, look no further than REACT.


Are your customers experiencing the service levels they demanded? Are you surpassing their highest expectations? 

Why not? What is really holding you back from building a loyal customer base?

Our research will uncover the service-delivery stumbling blocks that prevent you from establishing your brand. 


Are your employees motivated and effective ambassadors? Are they building your brand or breaking it?

Our employee engagement programs will empower your staff members to engage positively with all your clients and give them the necessary tools and insight to effectively represent your brand. 


Is your brand presence consistent across the network?

With our brand integrity audits, we’ll be able to isolate areas of non-compliance. 

Let us help you improve how your customers engage with your brand. 

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