From start-ups to a steady growth in industry, South Africa is a land of growing opportunity and vast resources. On the African continent it is making great strides in many growth sectors, most notably finance, e-commerce and tech.

Recently we note the visit by Mark Zuckerberg to the continent, as many US investors are looking to growth sectors for capital investment. It’s also not gone unnoticed that large international legal and accounting firms are building new headquarters in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Along with the US, China and India; Various Middle Eastern countries like the UAE are pouring vast sums into the African continent. Set up to develop and assist international businesses entering the continent, The Global Business Forum on Africa reaches out internationally to inform and entice brands and organisations to the continent with capital investment, tax incentives, lower overheads and other various opportunities to facilitate trade.

For investors with rapid economic growth, the attraction is the demand and need for technology, commerce, financial services, fashion and food. With a change in government and the promise to stamp out corruption, the voices of the private sector and public have been heard and this will hopefully lead to a more stable economy with stronger foundation to flourish. has for many years assisted with customer engagement research on the African continent. It helps organisations and brands get a strong foothold in their sector through analysing data that feeds back from 21 affiliates across the African continent and in the UK.

REACT along with the brand strategy and engagement agency yourbrandculture under the umbrella company (LindhorstGrays.Group) offer a continuous breadth of services that include a team of specialist’s with international and local experience. Working closely, the agencies take the data information at and partnering with the client, create a strategy that is directed on building brand loyalty, strong internal and external communications, continuous engagement with the customers, and profitable margins across all departments. Experience has shown that a direct innovative, informed and calculated approach allow REACT & yourbrandculture to continually assist & monitor a brand’s growth, after the main project work is done. Allowing client’s to tap into resources, expand product diversity and enter new sectors to stay ahead of the competition.



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