Employee Engagement

Reward & Recognition

A Motivated Employee is a Happy and Productive Employee

The importance of employee engagement can’t be overstated. Our employee engagement programs are proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency. This naturally leads to better customers retention and increased profits. 


Is Your Employee An Asset Or Liability?

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs and your brand. It also determines whether they are committed to the organization or not. More importantly, and engaged employee will put discretionary effort into their work. Employee engagement is the cornerstone that drives performance. It influences everything you do in your business and gives you purpose, energy, and enthusiasm.

Most importantly, engaged employees are happier both at work and in their lives. 

Employee Satisfaction Research

REACT can help you ascertain which of your employees are positively engaged and driving your business in the right direction, and which are a negative, disruptive influence.
Our quantitative and qualitative survey tools confidentially measure employees’ opinions and feelings about everything from their jobs to management and other work-related factors.

Your employees’ attitude to your brand is a clear indicator of their engagement and motivation levels. Attitudes translate into action – or inaction – and customers will quickly pick up if your staff are happy, dedicated, knowledgeable and sincere. 

Employee Training

Have your employees participated in and agreed to certain service delivery standards?
  • REACT gives you the insights to determine where they are doing well and in which functional areas they could improve.
  • Our experienced management team has the expertise to create a structured programme to deal constructively with areas of poor performance.
  • Training plays a strategic role in boosting employee confidence, productivity and creating a service-oriented culture that will keep your customers coming back.

The REACT Promise

REACT employs industry best practices that respect and protect all parties involved.

Our systems are able to correlate employee engagement and loyalty with customer service results for a complete holistic view.

We can use the insights gained to develop an effective employee engagement programme and prioritise areas of development opportunity.

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