Employee Engagement

A happy workplace is a profitable workplace

Employee engagement is essential to business success; not only are employees your company’s greatest asset, but they are also your brand ambassadors.

REACT Customer Research gauges levels of employee engagement, providing you with reliable feedback through effective qualitative and quantitative measurement tools

Building employee confidence, passionate and motivation will benefit your business and employees retention and a culture that customers enjoy.

As a dedicated and authentic partner, we will ensure that your team will be more productive, deliver excellent service and enhance profitability..

Our approach:



Once the proposal has been approved, we kick off with a workshop, to gain an understanding of your business requirements. The customer experience touchpoints, operational standards are determined and the parameters of the study established.



The REACT team will design a questionnaire which will cover all aspects which require evaluation. The questionnaire will be signed off by . The questionnaire will be scripted on our data collection and reporting system.



After approval on our system, the project goes live. Data collection will either be done via mobile phone questionnaires. A short code is provided on a cash receipt and customers are encourage to sms this short code, which will then direct them to a short questionnaire.



Internal check and balances have been set in place to ensure the highest standard of work.



REACT encourages close client contact throughout the duration of the study.

You will be given an executive summary report which details the scores of each touch-point.

The initial wave of the study sets the benchmark on which to compare future waves. Further waves will highlight which customer experience touchpoints are increasing, decreasing or being maintained.

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