Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Should Be The Main Focus Of Your Organization 

Are You Really Connected To Your Clients?


“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”
Steve Jobs

How successful are you really at managing and growing your enterprise?
Your levels of Customer Satisfaction provide you with a valuable benchmark of where you stand.  Coming to terms with the true picture of exactly where you stand can prove to be tricky and even overwhelming. Why not partner up without having an expert on your side.

By determining your current level of customer satisfaction, REACT Customer Research can develop an effective strategy for your business

Our approach:
  • Qualitative – focus groups and in-depth interviews
  • Quantitative – interception, telephonic interviews, online surveys and mystery shopping
These outcomes will help you make informed organisational decisions and highlight areas where improvements need to be implemented.



Once the proposal has been approved, we kick off with a workshop.

This will help us gain an understanding of your business and its unique requirements.

The customer experience touchpoints and operational standards are determined and the parameters of the study established.



The REACT team will design a questionnaire to cover all aspects that require evaluation. The questionnaire will be signed off by you, the client. The questionnaire will be scripted on our data collection and reporting system.


After approval on our system, the project goes live. Data collection will either be done telephonically or via online self-completion from a database of customers provided by you.


Internal check and balances have been set in place to ensure the highest standard of work.


REACT encourages close client contact throughout the duration of the study.
Once the study is complete, REACT will provide you with a full report. During the post-project meeting, we’ll discuss what drives and what distracts you from achieving the right results. Here we’ll also take the opportunity to:
  • Identify which efforts have the greatest impact on customer engagement and purchasing decisions Determine the areas that are doing well
  • Which functional areas can be improved
  • Prioritize areas of strategic and tactical opportunity
The initial wave of the study sets the benchmark on which we will compare future waves. Further waves will highlight which customer experience touchpoints are increasing, decreasing, or maintained.

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