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Gain the competitive edge and keep your customers coming back for more.
In a marketplace full of choices, the customer relationships you build could be the difference between success and failure. Discover the drivers and distractors that are affecting your company’s performance and use research results to make informed decisions. REACT can help you leverage these insights by developing a customer engagement programme tailored to your specific business requirements.

Mystery Shopping

How well do your ambassadors engage your customers and sell your brand? Do the customers find them helpful and product-savvy? What really happens in these face-to-face exchanges?

REACT is one of the leading providers of mystery shopping services in Southern Africa, with a large urban and rural footprint. Our trained evaluators are a demographic match to your real customers, providing detailed reports on their encounters with your ambassadors, and how they experienced your product and service standards. Additional services include Mystery Calling and Video Mystery Shopping. These complement the standard mystery shopping programme.

Customer Satisfaction Index Research

Just how well is your company meeting its customers’ needs? Their experience says much more about your product or service than your brand’s marketing message ever can.

REACT’s Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is customised to mirror your customer service policies, giving an indication of how successful you are in the eyes of your customer. Let us engage with your customers and find out how your brand really stacks up.

Customer Loyalty Research

We use a range of approved measures, like the Net Promoter Score and Customer Engagement Matrix, to establish your customers’ level of loyalty to your brand.

Repeat business lays the foundation for overall growth. REACT’s engagement model reveals whether you are keeping your customers or losing them to the competition.

Your customers are your best brand ambassadors. Strengthen and leverage their loyalty for increased referrals and improved brand reputation.

The REACT Promise

REACT employs industry best practices that respect and protect all parties involved.

Our systems are able to correlate employee engagement and loyalty with customer service results for a complete holistic view.

We can use the insights gained to develop an effective employee engagement programme and prioritise areas of development opportunity.

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