Compliance Audits

Avoid the minefield that is compliance…

Are you ticking all the boxes when it comes to brand and operational standards?

Compliance Audits can often be a major headache. In an ever-changing business world, it can be costly and tricky to navigate the issues that affect your brand.

REACT Customer Research offers highly skilled and qualified auditors to assess industry and company compliance requirements such as:
  • Shelf health
  • Price compliance
  • Brand compliance
  • Operational compliance
  • Safety standards
Programmes are set up in accordance to your unique operational and branding standards.


Once the proposal has been approved, we kick off with a workshop, to gain an understanding of your business requirements. The operational and brand compliance measures are determined. and the parameters of the study established.



The REACT team will design a brand audit questionnaire that will cover all aspects which require evaluation. The questionnaire will be signed off by you, the client. The questionnaire will be scripted on our data collection and reporting system.


After approval on our system, the project goes live. Our trained auditors will visit the trade, evaluating compliance. Photos are also taken to give a visual understanding.


Internal check and balances have been set in place to ensure the highest standard of work.



REACT encourages close client contact throughout the duration of the study.

Once the study has been completed, REACT will provide a detailed report, which details the drivers and distractors of the results with you at a post-project meeting. During this meeting, we:

  • Identify which efforts have the greatest impact on your brand
  • Determine the areas that are doing well and which functional areas can be improved
  • Prioritize areas of strategic and tactical opportunity

The initial wave of the study sets the benchmark on which to compare future waves. Further waves will highlight which customer experience touchpoints are increasing, decreasing, or being maintained.

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