South Africa, land of opportunity

From start-ups to a steady growth in industry, South Africa is a land of growing opportunity and vast resources. On the African continent it is making great strides in many growth sectors, most notably finance, e-commerce and tech. Recently we note the visit by Mark Zuckerberg to the continent, as many US investors are looking

Client Testimonial : Fournos Group

Fournos Group: Sheree Steenberg We needed to identify flaws within our service delivery from a customer’s point of view. We were concerned about not getting actual results that could improve our service delivery. With React Surveys’ Mystery Shopping, we could identify problem areas in our services and products. The detailed reports enabled us to change

Client Testimonial : Kauai

Kauai: Guy Le Ray-Cook We have been using React for at least three years now and have built up a tailor made program that gives a good insight to our customer service performance and trends. Both our corporate and franchisee stores are tracked and we can see from the consolidation reports where our training and