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Do you want to increase customer and employee engagement? Do you want to improve your overall customer service & establish your brand as trustworthy? Do you want to maximize your profitability?

 We work tirelessly and research current market trends non-stop to find real solutions. 

Let us help you find the answer to resolving loss and poor performance right now. 

For unique solutions tailored to your specific needs, try REACT Customer Research

Do you want to maintain customer satisfaction, build a strong employee culture, and secure all credit actions? At REACT we can navigate you through all types of difficult terrain. 

From the service engagement areas that your customers perceive to your employee engagement techniques and standards that affect your overall business culture and communication levels.  We’ve got you covered. 

Are you ready to unlock your full potential? 

Here at REACT, we appreciate your hesitancy surrounding trust. With so many hurdles to overcome like price checks and clarification, product loss and prevention, and the most concerning credit fraud trends, we understand what’s at stake.

As partners in business, we can tackle these sensitive issues together. Your confidentiality and security are part of our passion.

Our REACT team can help you make the right moves to stay on track and maximize your potential. We aim to: 

  • Increased your profitability
  • Help to establish a strong brand culture
  • Improved trust levels between your customers, your employees, and you 

It’s time for your business to evolve 

Let’s partner up and make it happen.

Our Team

A talented team passionate about what they do, and putting you the customer FIRST…
– Grant Lindhorst, REACT Customer Research Director
Industry experience
All of our staff have research and marketing backgrounds, and receive ongoing training

Over 2000 field workers

A vast network of field workers and mystery shoppers that supports our employees at our various branches throughout South Africa.
Highly skilled
The REACT Customer Research staff complement consists of creative professionals that are experts in business and social sciences.

BBBEE contributor

REACT Customer Researchs’ empowerment policy is to lead in diversity, offering an equal opportunity to all.
Grant Lindhorst

Grant Lindhorst

We are always on the lookout for new talent

Are you passionate about helping businesses achieve exceptional levels of customer service? Do you want to create a rewarding and inclusive environment for all employees?

We’d love to hear from you….

You can get in touch with us now & become part of the REACT team. 

We’re ready to set the ball in motion. 



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